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Contractual relations with remote specialists Studio «Moras Digital», specializing in the development of various websites, was established in 2016, not only when the notion of "remote work" is not surprising anymore, but also when it is considered the most advantageous cooperation plan. Studio management, having studied all "pros" and "cons", made a decision about a remote recruitment, but based on the official employment contract. Today, more than 30 people are the company employees, each specializing in a particular industry, whether it is programming, design, copywriting, layout or any other. Some professionals that are the company employees work remotely, having concluded official employment contracts with «Moras Digital» owners. We want to emphasize that remote employees in no way adversely affect the result. Agreements are drafted with the formulation that timely and qualitative fulfillment of the entrusted portion of the project is in the interests of the employee. And this is already witnessed by dozens of our clients. Also, it is worth noting that in the event of force majeure situation of any of our employees, we will promptly solve the issue of task transfer to another specialist, while maintaining a high level of quality and keeping the deadlines.
Contractual relations with remote specialists
Contractual relations with remote specialists
Creative and quality solutions Our team is full of unrealized ideas. We have a non-standard, creative mind construction. In addition, we are young and full of energy. That is why the result is surprising, it is admired by everyone and causes genuine delight, and our customers recommend us to their friends and colleagues. «Moras Digital» was created in order to make the Internet better. And we can say that today we can do it quite well.
Creative and quality solutions
Creative and quality solutions
Official registration in Ukraine Despite the fact that our employees are working remotely, «Moras Digital» is a legal entity, officially registered in Ukraine since its launch. This fact opens up a range of benefits for our customers, quite invisible at first glance. If necessary, you will always be able to conclude a formal agreement with us, and get a complete package of accounting documents on the services provided. Official registration allows creating an invoice for payment of services which simplifies the question of settlements with clients. Official registration of «Moras Digital» is a kind of guarantee for the customer that every conflict situation will be resolved. However, in our work we are doing everything possible to avoid such situations in general.
Official registration in Ukraine
Official registration in Ukraine
Individual approach to solving tasks Each and every project, regardless of its volume and direction, is developed by «Moras Digital» Studio experts with obligatory consideration of all individual nuances. These may include target audience, geography, goals and objectives, which should be resolved or that the project should achieve. The team of our studio strives to thoroughly and comprehensively grasp the essence of the task so that not even the slightest nuance is left unaccounted. After all, we are well aware that little things form the final result, and its effectiveness will depend on the attention to detail. We think through, develop and optimize the concept of each task, also building on the individual requirements, provided to us by the client. For this reason, the result of the project is not only justified, but also significantly exceeds the expectations of our customers.
Individual approach to solving tasks
Individual approach to solving tasks

    High-level professionalism. It is the quality that is inherent to every specialist of «Moras Digital» studio. Our team comprises extremely experienced, creative and talented professionals. And this is the fact enables us to vouch for the results. We do not stand at one place. We develop and improve our work by involving strong minds, fresh ideas and new faces in our team. Anyone who becomes a member of our team has a special place in the established mechanism, which works for the benefit of our customers, fully satisfying their wishes and requests.

    Each member of the «Moras Digital» team, starting from an ordinary employee and up to the head, is well aware of the importance of the original project idea and of the high level of its implementation in the matter of future sales or other ways of monetization. There is no need to explain to us that the model character, similarity and copies fail to provide not only maximum, but sometimes even the expected effect. That is why project ideas and concepts are created by us "from scratch". We check every idea for plagiarism in order to find any analogues. Only in case of a successful test we offer customers the most optimal solution. The guarantee of qualitative project fulfillment is the reputation of «Moras Digital» studio and professionalism of its employees.

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    Creativity is our alter ego


    Відвідуваність сайту мене приємно здивувала! Збільшилась кількість нових замовлень і просто зацікавлених людей. Результат просто чудовий і це після другого місяця співпраці з Moras Digital!
    Олександр Ріпаков
    Приватний замовник, Власник інтернет магазину
    Меня зовут Руслан, я соучредитель компании СК-Уют, заказали сайт у Морас Диджитал и остались абсолютно довольны, с сайта клиенты уже идут, все это очень быстро окупается на строительном сайте и увеличивает доходы компании, кроме того качественно сделанный сайт, это лицо компании и каждая организация просто обязана сейчас иметь свой сайт.
    Руслан Большаков
    Соучредитель компании, СК-Уют
    Продвижение в студии Морас Диджитал заказывал по рекомендации знакомого. В начале, с поисковых систем посещаемость составляла примерно 100-120 посетителей в стуки, после четырех месяцев продвижения, посещаемость сайта выросла в 7 раз. Цена и качество просто на высоте, при малом бюджете, просто восхитительный результат.
    Олег Давидов
    Частный заказчик, Владелец новостного портала
    Заказывали разработку дизайна для компании Forest4 . Ребята справились просто на УРА, скоро будем интегрировать в новую CMS и продвигать сайт, обязательно обратимся к ним еще!!
    Жанна Добродеева
    Тех.директор, Forest4
    Очень красиво подошли к решению блога, хорошо прорисовали около 10 вариантов логотипа, создали мне фирменный стиль. Огромная благодарочка, выбирайте Морас Диджитал - не пожалеете.
    Частный заказчик, Кискин Блог
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